Taiwan Gaba Oolong Light Roasted


I’ll make this weekend’s post in english, as I know that some of the people waiting for this one are not very good at romanian 🙂

Got this Gaba oolong from AmberCary, together with 3 other taiwanese teas, and I was very curious too see if the tea stands up to its presentation.


Taiwan tea producers and shops are always very careful about the way they package and present/sell their tea. So this wasn’t a surprise either. Got also some reading material :), one with some info about Gaba oolong and its health benefits, the other one with brewing instructions (quite detailed and idiot proof really), and small info about the shop’s tea offer. Naturally grown oolong in Taiwan at a farm having an MOA certificate, which (according to them) doesn’t have to be rinsed before the first infusion.


The tea looks goods, has a fresh fragrance, somehow like sweet dried fruit. Once you put it in the warm gaiwan you can recognize the taiwan oolong. Fragrant, little spicy, floral, little reminder of Oriental Beauty.


1st infustion is very soft, with a pleasant floral aroma, also quite sweet.


The second one gets stronger, enhancing its floral and sweet aroma.


Third infusion brings up more of the floral fragrance, but also making the tea a little bitter.


The fourth infusion is definetly the most important one (for this tea session). The overall aroma gets perfectly balanced, full, rich and you can distinguish eash separate flavour.


Made 7 infusions in total, after which the tea started to lose its strength. Being very specific, 8grams of tea in my 150ml gaiwan, water temperature of 85 – 95 degrees Celsius, infusion time 40, 55, 70, 85, 100, 120, 150. The leaves were completely opened, whole and quite small, with a nice brownish colour. Not quite the best I’ve ever tried, but I don’t have a big history with Gaba oolong and that might be also taken into account. Was yet a pleasant surprise and I must admit I like the tea.

The only downside I could find is that, although they expiry date is written on the packaging, they don’t mention the year in which the tea was plucked & produced.



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