Floral Taiwan Oolong (light roast)



This is a tea that I got as a gift from AmberCary Tea, as I’m usual not a fan of flower scented teas. It looks very nice, powerful green oolong scent, somehow fresh and grassy-green, with a hint of flowers. For me it smells a little like hyacinth, although I’m pretty sure it’s not the case 🙂


The first infusion is quite strong, but pleasant, you can clearly feel that (extra) flower aroma.


The second infusion remains strong, you get more of the taiwan oolong aroma together with that floral scent.


The third infusion gets balanced, as I dropped the infustion time a bit. Somehow still on the verge of being a little bitter. Very strong aroma.


Made 7 infusions in total, but could have probably done maybe 2 more. I used water between 80 – 90 degrees, no fixed infusion times, just paying attention to the colour and smell while the tea was in the gaiwan.


Wonderful tea, like a floral boost to your usual green oolong. I would be very careful with the amount of tea leaves and temperature used, as well for the infusion times (using much less than suggested) as it tends to get very strong / slightly bitter.

For me this time, the colour was maybe the most impressive. A beautiful clear golden tea soup, from the first till the last one.



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