Midnight talks


I miss you. All of you and all of them. Not everything about them, just that part that I’m missing the most.

I’m not afraid of dying alone and I’m not afraid of being alone, but for whatever reason I’m terrified of keeping my words for myself.

Give me the hard truth just like I’ve always wanted it. No resentments and without asking first.

I’m looking through people just like you used to look through me when you said you wanted more.

I know you too suffer from insomnia and I know you also still wanna reach out.

I never got used to letting our midnight talks go, as they were the only food my soul would accept.

They are used to getting ideas out of the silence, while we would get hundreds just from saying a few words.

Remember when we used to write subjects down just so that we never forget about them? Also remember how we never used that list?

You never looked at me like more than I really was and, just like I promised, I’ve never loved you less.

Should you ever decide to wake me up in the middle of the night, I’ll be on my way.

They keep showing me it will never be enough. I keep telling them I’ll stay like this till you show up.


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